How to use this tool


This Traineeship Staff Support Tool can be used:

  • as a diagnostic and development tool to help implement a whole organisation strategy
  • to support a planned review of Traineeship provision
  • to inform how you develop your capacity for self improvement 
  • to monitor and review progress with Traineeship developments and actions
  • to measure improvement and distance travelled
  • to identify and prioritise development needs
  • as part of a staff training programme
  • to identify and share good practice
  • as a framework for meetings or more informal discussions

Your organisation needs to take account of the part all staff have to play in implementing the whole organisation approach: senior management, governors, executive board members, managers, vocational and English and maths teachers and support staff.

We suggest that when using the tool that you consider the following:

Why are you using the tool?

If you want to develop a whole organisation strategy you will probably want to use all sections of the tool to gain an overview of your organisation’s provision. Or you may already know where you have areas of good practice and want to focus on specific sections of the tool to help you review aspects of your provision which you judge are most in need of development.

You may not want to complete the whole of the tool at the same time. Spreading the activity over a longer planned timescale can make it more focused and more manageable. 

Who will be involved in completing part or all of the tool?

You may want to start by considering whether the aspects of your provision that you want to address are strategic, operational or related to delivery. This will help determine who you involve and how. Whatever the focus, a wide range of contributions will provide a better informed and more complete picture of where your organisation is now. Different perspectives will enable you to triangulate and test responses, for example you may want to ask both the traineeship team and employer liaison team to complete the category on employers.

Bringing the different teams together to consider the outcomes of the review can be enlightening for all parties and build understanding. Asking teams rather than individuals to complete aspects of the tool can encourage collaboration and ownership, as well as making the task less onerous. You may want to do this at a team meeting or as part of a staff development or training day.

When is the best time to complete the tool?

If you want to use the tool as part of your self-assessment process it will need to fit in with your organisation’s self-assessment cycle.

Or you may need the outcomes of the tool to feed into the appropriate point in the business planning cycle. It may be useful to have outcomes from particular sections ready in time to report to strategic groups or committees.

What will you do once you have completed the tool?

As with any self-assessment activity the act of undertaking the tool will not in itself bring about improvements. The reports should inform your strategy and lead to actions for development and improvement. These actions may be focused on a very specific issue or be part of a broader strategy.

You can create a snapshot of your report and compare it with your scores in future to help judge progress in each of the categories in the tool.

You may want to integrate actions into existing plans or use them as the basis of a new plan.

How often will you complete all or part of the tool?

Once you have prioritised developments you may want to re-visit the relevant parts of the tool after you have carried out your actions for improvement.

You will then be able to judge how much overall progress you feel you have made in relation to the quality statements and record the evidence you have to support your judgements. This could provide you with evidence of your organisation’s capacity to improve which you could use to support your self-assessment.


The Traineeship Staff Support tool enables anyone to create and belong to one or more groups.

Find out more about groups here.

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